What is the Maryland Bowhunters Society?

MBS is a simple yet complex organization that has existed in Maryland since 1977. We are a group of dedicated bowhunters who have taken on the responsibility of safe guarding and promoting archery and bowhunting in Maryland. We are a stakeholder with the MD DNR and as such have a voice in DNR’s bi-annual review of hunting regulations and bag limits. We gather opinions from our membership via polls to ensure that we speak on behalf of them. We are also actively involved with legislative issues and influence new game laws that affect YOU the bowhunter.

The MBS continues to work with our conservation partners to advance Sunday hunting in Maryland. Together with those partners, we have made headway in several counties across Maryland to have expanded Sunday hunting opportunities and pledge to continue until we see all Maryland counties offering that option. As educated bowhunters we take on the duty of informing and positively educating the general non hunting public that hunting in general and specifically bowhunting is a safe, efficient, cost effective and scientifically sound way to control deer herds. We are fortunate to have a solid, long standing working relationship with MD DNR’s Wildlife & Heritage Division built on respect and understanding. While we might not always agree our opinions are valued and listened to.