Meet Our New Executive Secretary


My name is Maribeth Kulynycz, I am a 29 year old writer, cosmetologist, photographer, and above all outdoorswoman. I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and have had the outdoors in my blood from day one! My dad introduced me to the woods at a very young age, I would find any excuse to be outside with him, at just 9 years old I was able to take my first deer and have been hooked ever since.  Being taught by a natural resources police officer and hunters education instructor one of my main goals was always to hunt and enjoy the outdoors in the most ethical way possible! I have carried this with me as an adult and I live to spend my days up in a tree or out on the water with my family at my side. I also have a strong desire to share the passion with my fellow hunters. I also want to share that passion with those who have never experienced the outdoors! There is so much more to being out in nature than most will never realize. I have been blessed to have developed a passion for hunting and all things outdoors. I hope to use my photography and writing to be able to share my view with those who may not understand our way of life. That's exactly what it is for me and my family, a way of life, not just a hobby, but a passion that burns in our veins! I am just thrilled to be a part of the Maryland Bowhunters' Society, I am looking forward to contributing to the future of bow hunting in our beautiful state and sharing this passion I have with the hunters of today and tomorrow!!

MBS to participate in the Blaze and Camo Day - February 2017

We've added the Blaze and Camo Day as a MBS event. Our reasoning is that the MBS is involved with legislative affairs of our state at the capital building and we feel that this is an important opportunity for hunters to show that we hunt and we vote. We have also been involved with the MHC and organizing the B&C Day. Many of the MBS officers are going to be there and we would like you to be there too. Unfortunately one of the anti-hunting groups also understands the importance of this and will be there to hold a counter demonstration. We need a large amount of hunters to lesson their impact. We understand that this is a work day for many, but your help would be greatly appreciated.